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Nylon 6/66 Compounds (All Around Polymer Co. Ltd.)


During her history of more than 20 years of Nylon compounding, All Around Polymer endeavors in the development and research of Nylon reinforced compounds for entire injection molding industry in her home town, Taiwan. Nowadays, AAP’s markets have been covering America, China, South-East Asia, Korea, Australia, India and Middle East. Owing to the advantages of AAP in markers competition, more and more customers have relied their need in Nylon injection molding to AAP has always provided timely and precise service and solution to meet customers demand. Production monthly had reaches 500 MT in 2006(6000 MT yearly). AAP is trying to enlarge her own capacity and have targeted to develop more specific materials and modifiers in the field of Engineering Plastics.


During the year , AAP Nylon reinforced compound have been widely adn sussceefully used. Examples From Our Customer’s application are: Rail Way Fastening Blocks, Auto Parts, Sports Equipments, Power Tools, Furniture, Electrical Home Appliances, Electronic Parts, Safety Sohes, Office Chair Base & Wheel , Bath Room Equipments, Handles and etc.
Nylon 6/66