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Additives (Omega Speciality Techno-Chem Pvt. Ltd.)


Omega Specialty Techno-Chem Pvt. Ltd., is a specialty additives manufacturing company .Company offers different types of additives to Thermoplastic, Laminate, Composite and Rubber Industries. These include Purging Liquid, Internal and External Release Agents, UV additives etc.


Purging Emulsion Liquid – Purging Liquid :

Purging Liquid is a Purging Emulsion Liquid for Screw and Barrel Cleaning for Thermoplastic Industry. This product is non toxic, non flammable, odorless and very safe to use and suitable for compounders, MB Manufacturers and Injection molders. Purging Liquid cleans the machine in half the quantity of polymer required otherwise than the normal purging . Its recommended dosage is 30 ml per Kg of any polymer virgin/regrind. Thus there is saving in the cost with reduction in down time to clean the screw and barrel and the cleaning is also more effective than the cleaning by normal purging. In short, Use of Omega Purge saves Money, Material and time.

Relezol :

Under the trade name of Relezol company manufactures wide range of Internal Release + Process Aids (Internal Lubricants) for Thermoplastic, Laminate, Composite industries. For Thermoplastic industry these Internal Lubricants are available for various polymers including engineering polymers like Polyamides, PP, PE, ABS,PC, PVC etc. These internal lubricants are proprietary complex formulations of different and modified fatty acids and give synergetic results at a very low dosage levels and hence are very cost effective.

RELEZOL lubricants have 100% active solids that are formulated to have optimum balance between release and process ability in the lubricants and thus give optimum results without affecting physical properties of the final product. These lubricants facilitate lower temperature and cycle time on the machine and enhance surface finish of the product, enabling increase in productivity with quality.


CRYSTALPIX 7 is a Special Process Aid additive for PET Processing. Its recommended dosage is 0.1%-0.5%. Use of this additive increases the gloss and clarity of the PET, reduces the temperature, cycle time and moreover percentage of Acetaldehyde. It does not affect intrinsic viscosity of the product.


Auxi – Paste :

This is an External Release Agent in wax form suitable for FRP Industry like Hand Lay Up, RTM. Application of Auxi – Paste on the mold in combination with addition of Internal Lubricant Relezol 48GC in the gel coat/resin gives multiple releases and improves gloss of the molded parts. It economizes the cost and improves the quality of the molding.


Catalyst / Hardener :

This product is suitable for MF/MUF resin for LPM/HPL Industry. Use of this product reduces the gel time of the resin, increases gloss and smoothness of the laminate and increases abrasion and scratch resistance.